April 29, 2012

activities in my college :)

during my first semester in Kirkby International College (KIC), there were a lot and a lot of activities and event were being conducted. Here, i would like to share about our first event in KIC which is... *drum roll*


there were a lot of activities done during the celebration. for your information, this celebration is the combination of Independence Day celebration and Eidul-Fitri celebration. It is quite unique because we celebrate two important event in the same time. Can u imagine how wonderful the celebration is? It is so fantastic and wonderful. No words can described the event. Let us see some pictures taken during the celebration. :)

solo traditional Indian dance

joget lambak session.

dearest room mates. *hugs*

merdeka-raya is such an unforgettable memory. although it is tiring, but all of us have enjoyed ourselves. :)

till then, bye! xoxo

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